Monday, April 26, 2010

What will you do?

I recently read a Facebook status and the person had quoted from a song that the band Skillet sings. And it really got me thinking. The song quote........
"What will you do to make a difference, to make a change? What will you do to help someone along the way?" - Skillet

What will you do? And I thought, the same thing as always...I would represent Jesus. This song quote reminded me of two things first a picture that hangs in my study, and something that happened about a year ago.

I was driving home from work(TIRED) and I passed a local church, where a teen girl was all balled up and crying in front of the church.

I could have done what was good for my flesh and drive by, going home to make supper for my family. OR I could pull over and offer the love of Christ to the lost and dying world(that is right outside my back door). I pulled over...went and got down low onto the ground and the level she was at.....and I sat and gave her an ear and a shoulder. I didn't know her..her problems weren't mine to solve.

Because someone at that moment decided they would do something. She knew love at that moment...and I had the opportunity to use some of my life experiences to offer her hope. Some of my mistakes in life, became wisdom that I could share. What if I had never been through those things? God allows trials in our lives, and not only do we grow from them...but it allows us the ability to get down low where someone is at, and share in the experience. I am so glad that I had life grew my compassion for her.

After an hour, she felt better, she knew the name of a nice Christian teen, she wasn't running away from her problems and her family, and knew alcohol was not going to make it better. It was worth it! It is worth it to help soemeone change, or to help someone along my way. Sometimes it is easier, or more conveinent, or safe to drive on by...or even hope that someone else will do it. But every day God watches and waits for us saying "what will you do?". We are comissioned to GO...We are commissioned to LOVE...We are commissioned to share the peace and love of the gospel.

I left her standing up--instead of on the ground in a ball. I left her smiling--not crying. I left her knowing that someone and Jesus cared for her--not thinkiing thinking nobody cared. I wept a little as I drove home...not because I was sad, or proud of what I had done. But because that lamb didn't crash at the bottom of some ravine.

It was worth me leaving my family (the many), to go ofter that one sheep who was about to fall off the cliff. Sheep aren't very smart and they will walk right off the side of the mountian. It's true! But that is why the parable of the lost sheep(Luke 15)... paints a picture of sheep and shepherds. It shows us how Jesus cares for us...and how we are to care for each other. God's primary concern isn't the organized church, our midweek programs, the size of our congregations, what leadership title we have...first and formost He is concerned with those who stray.

The reason Jesus leaves the many to rescue the one who is because sheep follow sheep. Jesus is the Chief Shepherd...if He rescues the one sheep that was straying and about to fall off the side of the cliff...IMAGINE with me, how many sheep were about to follow that lost and straying sheep. But He needs our hands, feet, hearts and surrendered lives to be "out on the edge" for Him. If that one is rescued... HOW MANY MORE WILL BE SAVED! How many might have followed that sheep? If we will make a difference for just one person. If we will assist in change for just one person. If we will help someone, instead of turn our heads the other way. We can effect the multitudes...while we grow our own hearts.


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  1. I love the blog Paige! I can't wait to read your upcoming posts!

    In His name!